From forge to tillage specialist

The history of Struik Wieringermeer B.V. began in 1934, when Hendrik Struik established his forge in Slootdorp. As a new polder, the Wieringermeer had only just been uncovered, making 21,000 ha of excellent agricultural land available. Soon, Hendrik’s forge turned its focus to agricultural machinery, and the forge developed into a true agricultural mechanisation company.



At the end of the 1950s, Hendrik marketed his first self-developed crumbler and his sons Gerrit and Adri joined the company. In the meantime, Struik had also become a dealer of Massey Ferguson tractors and various other makes of equipment. In 1959, a second branch was opened in Wieringerwerf.


Element cultivator

In the 1960s, Struik developed the successor to the crumbler; the first element cultivator, a machine that became an instant success. Many new machines were also developed in the 1970s, including the first rotary cultivator. Every one of them turned out to be a successful innovation.


Unique ridging system

In 1979, Struik was the first manufacturer to develop and patent a completely new ridging system for potato ridges. Struik became a familiar face at the larger agricultural trade fairs, and the quality of the machines and the commitment of Struik’s employees also led to success outside the Netherlands.


One strong company

Because the demand for Struik products continued to grow in the 1980s, the decision was made to merge the two branches. In 1985, a new and modern factory building was moved to the Schelphorst in Wieringerwerf.


The third generation

In 1993, the third generation of Struiks joined the company. Harry and Wichard - Adri’s sons - and Herman - Gerrit’s son - formed the management from then on. The company continued its success in the 1990s. In the Netherlands, the new Struik haulm topper proved to be the best topper at a haulm topping demonstration. More orange machines found their way abroad and there was an increasing emphasis on the export market. By now, Struik’s name recognition is so great that its machines are sold in over 76 countries worldwide. In some countries, Struik is actually the market leader in the field of rotary cultivation. Meanwhile, the fourth generation has joined the management.


Struik, your customisation specialist

Struik machines are well designed and proven in practice. But technical development never stops, and it is always a challenge to perfect our existing machines. We are also working hard on new machines that can continue to meet the demands of the market, time and again.


We maintain close relationships with our dealers and end users and we listen to them carefully, because feedback from the market is important in order to make the right adjustments and improvements. That’s how we keep the quality of our machines at the highest level.


Custom-made machines

With the modular construction of our machines, we can build large series while ensuring that customised solutions are also available. If a customer has specific wishes, we very often have a suitable solution. There is a good reason the trusty old Struik crumbler has grown into a machine that is available from 1.65 metres to 8 metres! Another example is the VariX Twinrotor cultivator, a machine that is widely used in carrot and chicory cultivation thanks to its perfect ridge structure.


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