The VariX Twinrotor is a unique rotary cultivator with two rotor shafts, each working at a different depth. The main rotor works the soil to a maximum depth of 25 cm and creates enough loose soil to form beds or ridges. First, a ridge former shapes the ridge and behind it the second rotor works overtop in the upper layer of the ridge with a variable working depth of 1 to 5 cm. A diabolo roll or the special super-ridger then presses on the ridge. This creates a perfect, finely crumbled seedbed.


The VariX Twinrotor forms ideal beds and ridges for crops such as carrots, chicory and carrots.



  • Unique operation with two rotor shafts, each with a different working depth and direction of rotation
  • Working depth of twin rotor shaft is hydraulically adjustable
  • Saves labour and fuel through two combined operations
  • Higher capacity through higher driving speed
  • Two operations in one pass, better soil structure
  • Optimal crumbling
  • Less intensive tillage
  • Coarser soil lower in the ridge, more oxygen and less slaking in root zone
  • Better yield due to ideal seedbed
  • Better water management, ridge retains more moisture, less irrigation required
  • Equipped with a coupling shaft complete with a cam clutch as standard