The VariX series is the successor to the RF series. The VariX is a versatile rotary cultivator that is ideally suited to all types of tillage in all soil types. The VariX rotary cultivator is equipped with a spring-loaded top cover. It is the ideal flat-field cultivator for seedbed preparation for potatoes, ridge forming for carrots, endives and chicory as well as for shaping planting or seed beds. The VariX can also be used as a inter-row rotary cultivator. With the stainless steel pressure units in the ridging hood, the VariX produces voluminous, firm and uniform ridges.

The spring-loaded top hood above the rotary cultivator tines has no dead corners where soil can collect.

The machine is available from 4x75 cm to 8x38” in a rigid version. From 6 rows, also available with a hydraulic folding frame.



  • Rotary cultivator diameter Ø 760mm, make deeper tilling possible
  • Powerful and quiet spiral bevel gear with helical teeth
  • Gearboxes available from 220 to 540 hp, various speeds possible
  • Chain-driven rotor with hardened sprockets
  • Top cover mounted on springs
  • Top cap fits exactly to the radius of the hooks, reducing soil adhesion.
  • No dead corners in the casing
  • Welded hook holders on the rotor shaft
  • Perfect soil crumbling due to hook system in random order
  • Equipped with a coupling shaft with a cam clutch as standard
  • Available in ridge, bed or flat-field version
  • Available in rigid or folding version
  • Wide range of options available