The name Glutton means overeater, which is exactly what this topper is! It was developed to kill potato haulm. Haulm topping helps prevent infections and viral diseases and reduces the use of chemicals.


The specially shaped flails follow the contours of the ridge accurately. Combined with the sophisticated shape of the Glutton, this provides enormous suction power and better flailing.

Cleaning the inside of the machine is very easy with the Smart Clean System. The large hatches on the front of the haulm topper make cleaning easier.


The Glutton is available with a rigid frame from 2x75 cm to 8x38". The models starting from the Glutton 4500 are available in either rigid or foldable versions.



  • Modern design
  • Low tare weight
  • Smart Clean System, including large inspection hatches for easy cleaning
  • Removable 3-point attachment for use in front linkage or behind the tractor (up to 4x90 cm)
  • Hardened flails with tension springs
  • Very high suction power
  • Smart Clean haulm tunnels (optional)
  • In Glutton 3600 and higher, double ended drive with centre bearing
  • Perpendicular belt tensioner for extra long life of the V-belts
  • Wide range of options available