The Weed-Master is specially designed for mechanical weed control in crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, leek, beetroot, garlic and many other crops in rows or beds. The frame parts have a special parallelogram suspension, so the machine follows the ground perfectly under all circumstances. The patented rotating tines work very close to the plant or crop and pull up the weeds, roots and all. The rotating action of the tines makes light ridging possible. Leaf protection plates protect the crop.



  • Use of chemical pesticides not required
  • Very precise adjustability with depth control wheels
  • Patented tooth holders and teeth
  • Hardened wear points
  • Weed control from 3 to 12 rows
  • Driving speed up to 7 km per hour
  • High efficiency
  • Front or pulled
  • Mechanical or hydraulic drive available
  • Available rigid or foldable
  • Various options available