The LKB-Shift 1500 is the ideal haulm topper to be used in the front linkage during harvesting with an offset harvester. This way, you can top and harvest starch and other potatoes in one pass, significantly increasing work capacity and saving labour.

With the hydraulic side-shift, the haulm topper can be moved 1.70 metres to the right. The machine then tops two 75 cm ridges next to the tractor at an angle. With the clever shift construction, only one coupling shaft with a double universal joint coupling is required to drive the haulm topper. The flail shaft rotates at an efficient speed, which keeps the drive power required very low.


The LKB-Shift 1500 haulm topper is equipped with a hydraulically-driven haulm removal belt, which removes the haulm to the side that has already been harvested. The flat, horizontal belt has a large discharge capacity. The belt speed is infinitely adjustable, allowing driving speeds of up to 12 km/h.


Swivel castors on the front of the machine relieve the front linkage and reduce the front axle pressure of the tractor. When transported on the road, the topper hangs directly in front of the tractor for optimum road safety.


  • Gearbox with built-in freewheel clutch
  • Flail shaft speed 1500 rpm at 750 rpm input
  • Very high suction power
  • High haulm removal capacity
  • Hardened flails with tension springs
  • Compact
  • Swivel castors reduce pressure on front linkage and front axle