The rotor of the VariX 3000-OT overtop cultivator turns against the driving direction. The rotor works the soil upwards and throws it toward the rear of the machine against a spring steel bar rack. Clods and crop residues fall directly into the bottom of the seedbed and are covered by a layer of fine soil. That is the basis for a perfect seedbed.

Because the hooks are mounted in a random order on the rotor, there is no auger effect and the soil is not moved to the outside of the machine. The side plates running far to the rear and the specially formed flat scraper plate trap the soil, resulting in a nice, flat seed bed.



  • Equipped with 280 hp gearbox as standard
  • Chain drive with hardened sprockets
  • Equipped with a coupling shaft with a cam clutch as standard
  • Frame plate adjustable with spring pressure
  • Accurately adjustable bar rack with 6 springs made of high-quality spring steel
  • Three-point linkage Cat. 3
  • Many options available