The ZF is an inter-row rotary cultivator for all types of ridge cultivation. The driveline runs along the top so there is enough clearance to work in high crop. The ZF is ideally suited to tillage (ridging) and mechanical weed control.



  • Can be used from the planting/seeding season to the end of the growing period
  • Perfect ridge structure with adjustable ridging hoods
  • Rotary cultivation in crops with high foliage and/or floriculture
  • Controlling weeds between the rows and restoring the ridge in one pass
  • Adjustable tilling units
  • Gearboxes from 100 hp to 250 hp
  • 4-row or 8-row elements
  • All the gearboxes are provided with a shear bolt safeguard
  • Equipped with a coupling shaft complete with a cam clutch as standard
  • Available from 6x75 cm to 8x90 cm