The BioRotix overtap cultivator is specially designed to easily undercut old turf, preparing seed for new turf, and adding green
manure or creating seedbeds.

The BioRotix overtap cultivator rotor is equipped with 132 widia hooks which rotate contrary to the direction of travel. The hooks open up the top layer of soil in small sections and reach down toa maximum depth of 16 cm. This ensures an airy top layer, while allowing the underlying layers to retain their capillary action. This means that even during heavy rainf all, water can properly penetrate the deeper layers of the soil.

The hooks are mounted in a random order for optimal soil distribution with zero jacking.

The rotor throws the soil back against an adjustable spring steel bar rack. Clods and erop residue fall directly into the bottom of the seedbed and are then covered by a layer of fine soil, forming the perfect seedbed foundation.

The side plates far to the rear and the specially formed flat scraper plate keep the soil well compacted.