With a rotor diameter of Ø 760 mm, the VariX 3000FX can, without increasing power demand, operate deeper in the soil to create sufficient loose soil for seedbed preparation. This loose soil largely determines the volume and height of the ridge. The ridge hillers are dismountable, meaning the VariX 3000FX can also be used for flat full-field seedbed cultivation. The VariX 3000FX is equipped as standard with 132 hooks mounted in random order. These distribute soil evenly across the entire working width and prevents jacking. This cultivator comes with a spring-loaded top plate to prevent loading inside. Cylinders can also be fitted to clean the interior during operation. There are two benefits with this option - reduced power demand and less hook wear. As standard, the VariX 3000FX is equipped with a 1000 rpm gearbox which can transmit a maximum of 220 hp.


Optional extras:
• 280 hp gearbox rotor speeds 387 / 447 rpm
• Widia hooks
• HR multi-hook system (192 hooks)
• Levelling beam
• V-shaped crumbler roll
• Hydraulic cleaning kit