We are close to our customers, which enables us to produce machines in many dimensions and designs according to customer-specific wishes. Would you like to know more about our complete range of tillers, toppers and mechanical weeders? Find out here or contact us or one of our dealers.



The VariX series is the successor to the RF series. The VariX is a versatile rotary cultivator that is ideally suited to all types of tillage in all soil types. The VariX rotary cultivator is equipped with a spring-loaded top cover.


The RF series is a machine for our specials and others and is ideal for all types of tillage. The RF series is equipped with a fixed top cover.


The VariX-F is a flat-field cultivator that can be used both in front and behind the tractor. The VariX-F is the ideal machine for all flat-field tillage in all soil types before or during planting or sowing.


The VariX-FX is a flat-field cultivator for in front of the tractor. With a rotor diameter of Ø 760 mm it can operate deeper in the soil to create sufficient loose soil for seedbed preparation.


The VariX Twinrotor is a unique rotary cultivator with a flat-field rotor as its base, and a second overtop rotor that specifically tills the seedbed in the ridge overtop. The VariX Twinrotor is the ideal machine for e.g. carrot or chicory cultivation.


The VariX 3000-OT overtop cultivator is a flat-field rotary cultivator, of which the rotor rotates overtop. The VariX 3000-OT is the ideal machine for creating a perfect seedbed, tilling grassland and tilling in haulm residues.



The strip-till cultivator works the soil overtop into narrow strips, folding grass pollen into the soil so it ends up at the bottom of the seedbed as fertiliser. The result: a clean seedbed, exactly where you need it.


The Row-FiX is a versatile inter-row rotary cultivator for all types of ridge cultivation. The driveline runs along the top so there is enough clearance to work in high crop. The Row-FiX is ideal for tillage (ridging) and mechanical weed control.


The ZF is an inter-row rotary cultivator for all types of ridge cultivation. The driveline runs along the top so there is enough clearance to work in high crop. The ZF is ideally suited to tillage (ridging) and mechanical weed control.


The Row-FiX Space is the same machine as the Row-FiX, but with 18 cm higher clearance for the crop. This makes the Row-FiX Space ideally suited to working in even higher crops, such as floriculture.


The WR ridge former is designed for ridge shaping in light to medium soil types with or without stones.


The Weed-Master is specially designed for mechanical weed control in crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, leek, beetroot, garlic and many other crops in rows or beds.


The name Glutton means overeater, which is exactly what this topper is! It was developed to kill potato haulm. Haulm topping helps prevent infections and viral diseases and reduces the use of chemicals.


The LKB-Shift 1500 is the ideal haulm topper to be used in the front linkage during harvesting with an offset harvester. This way, you can top and harvest starch and other potatoes in one pass, significantly increasing work capacity and saving labour.


The FLKB haulm topper is a compact front haulm topper with a mechanically-driven haulm removal belt.